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Ohh, ‘Tis the Season! :)

Hey there Holiday Angels! Christmas is one of my FAVORITE holidays.. the decorations, the food, family, oh..and the sales! We all know about Black Friday, sell your left arm and leg for $100 off the latest electronic do-dad. Well here at Melbourne Beach Thrift and Boutique, we don’t have just one day of savings, we’re doing it ALL MONTH 😀 That’s right, all through the end of December. Pretty exciting, huh? We’ve got furniture mark-downs, 75% off books and kitchen, 50% clothing and purses, and we’ve even got our own golden Christmas tree with lights and ornaments for only $45.. talk about deals! Plus, on top of all these wonderful sales, you get to come see our smiling faces 😛

I put in a cute little poll just for fun above, tell me what your FAVORITE HOLIDAY TREAT IS.. me personally, I love the whole slew of things that come on my family’s Christmas table. Turkey and pie and stuffing and and and.. oh goodness the list goes on!

Anyways, thanks for all the support you guys show us! Remember, this holiday season, shop local!


Shayla ❤

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Spotlight Artist- Jeremy DeLuca

Jeremy Deluca and his sterling and fine silver jewelry!

Here at the store we think it’s important to get to know a little about each of our artists! Yesterday I had the pleasure to do MINI interview with our own local artist- Jeremy DeLuca! Though he has SO MANY pieces of unique jewelry, he’s a man of very few words (as are most men!) Jeremy told us that he has been practicing the art of jewelry making for two and a half years and that his interest originates from both of his parents being jewelers, the apple never falls far from the tree I suppose! When I asked him what his favorite thing to make was he gave me the simple answer of “Anything custom!” As far as gifts go, he makes charms, earrings, all types of spoon jewelry including bracelets made with sterling or with silver plate, and even some jewelry with fine silver or exotic gems (or maybe even both if you’re lucky!) Overall Jeremy says being a jewler is his passion and he enjoys it!

Come down to Melbourne Beach Thrift Shop and Boutique to see all of Jeremy’s consigned pieces, along with all of the other AMAZING artists that we showcase!


Shayla 🙂

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