For Art's Sake

A New & Recycled Boutique


on April 25, 2013








 Is this the end or the beginning?  It depends on how you look at it.


 As many locals are now aware, as of last Saturday, the brick and mortar store of “For Arts’ Sake!” on Ocean Avenue is now permanently closed. We’ve had a good run of nearly two years. Along the way we have met some wonderful artists, craftsman, lifetime friends, new and old visitors to the area, community and school leaders and the wonderful friendly faces of local customers who visited week after week.

There have been a series of events that have transpired over the past six months that have brought me to this decision.  We downsized at the end of last year hoping that would better help us meet expenses.   It took 6 weeks to get the word out again that we were still here (confusion with the empty store/marquee next door) and then the next 6 weeks following were very promising between Spring Break, The Farmers Market, Easter, family vacations etc. I was optimistic.

Then came April 1st. No more tourists, family vacations etc…Many locals remained  annoyed by the way they were treated with the parking situation, towing etc. at the Farmers Market. I was told personally by many people that they would never shop in our plaza again.  While I understand the position of some of the store owners in not having sufficient parking for their regular customers, I was ever hopeful that a compromise could be reached to the satisfaction of both parties.  For me, the Farmers Market was a boost to my business,  causing those drivers normally zipping by A1A to finally stop and check out the plaza.  Unfortunately , since the 1st of April, there have been numerous days that we have had 5 or less customers in the store all day.  The Farmers Market is also slower, but at least there isn’t the overhead.  I will continue working local Farmers Markets, maintain my booth at Wildwood Antique Mall (1240 Sarno Road, Melbourne) as well as explore other endevours . 

It has been a pleasure to give back, even in a small way to the Melbourne Beach Community that I have grown to love as well as contributing to Brevard County local schools art, theater and music programs. It has been wonderful to work with you all.  I  wish that the situation could be different, however I’m at peace with all of it and truly looking forward to what is next.  Continuing to keep the store open through the already slow summer months has proved to be futile. 

 If i may, on a personal note, I wanted to share that  the hardest part of this whole transition will be in not seeing my right-hand gal, Shayla on a weekly basis.  She has been there from the beginning when we were overwhelmed with where to put everything and the task of making it all look like an inviting store that we’d like to shop in. I had placed an ad for part-time help on CraigsList and Shayla was the second person to call.  After I talked to her, I took the ad down. Turned out she never did work part-time. She proved to be invaluable.  I learned just as much from her as she ever did from me. She is wise and talented well-beyond her years and has a bright future ahead.
Through Shayla, I met her mom Nova and dad Darrell who are both equally skilled and talented and have helped me with everything from carpentry to lighting to painting over these many months.
Last summer Tori walked in looking for part-time work and has filled in over weekends etc.  She is a delight to be around and fit right in.  Thank you SO MUCH each and everyone of you!  It wouldn’t have been near as much fun without you being there.  
All of these memories remind me that this whole experience was soooo worth it!  No regrets, just a whole lot of good experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime. So for me, this isn’t the end, just a new start, the beginning of what’s next.  For me, there always has to be a “what’s next” and I am grateful for my health and all the opportunities that have led to now. 
OK I think that about covers it.  Thank you to our loyal customers, new friends and supporters of the arts.  If you enjoy small, unique neighborhood stores, please shop local whenever possible. Also I believe that art, music and theater are key to a student’s development, confidence and self-esteem and that the earlier and more often these programs are available the better. Please support your local schools, from grade school on up to keep these programs ongoing for many years to come.  
And that’s my last word…thanks for reading and for your support of me, the girls and the store.  I’ll be seeing you around town.  Enjoy the summer.



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