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Local Artist Spotlight : Shawn Campbell…”Redeemed Gypsy”

on October 17, 2012



Shawn Campbell…”Redeemed Gypsy”




Simply said, Shawn Campbell is a joy to be around.  A self-proclaimed, “Gypsy”…Shawn felt early in life that she lacked  roots, lived with a dysfunctional family and a had wandering soul.  One of those roads she found herself drifting on led Shawn to God, love and what she calls a “new and beautiful me.”  Based on taking that same principle, making something old, withered, and damaged into something new and beautiful…she created her “Redeemed Gypsy” line of “beachy”, fun, beautiful works of art made from materials that might normally be discarded, like old vases, shutters, knobs, pieces of wood, etc and make them into something “new and beautiful” just like her. Each and every piece is filled with love and will make a great addition to your home or a welcomed gift. 

We are thrilled to have Shawn as one of our new spotlighted artists.  Her pieces can be seen on our FaceBook and also sold on Etsy and of course in our store Mon-Sat 10-5:30.   


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