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Spotlight Artist: Lisa Ladd!

on September 17, 2012

Lisa Ladd is a Melbourne Beach local artist who is famous for her beautiful knit work. She started knitting 6 years ago during her struggle with cancer. She says that knitting was a great companion therapy during her chemo treatment.

Lisa is very passionate about every piece she makes, and loves to share her crafts with the public. It brings such a smile to her face knowing someone has taken home her handmade creation to enjoy and cherish, themselves. I love when Lisa comes into the store because she’s just such a bubbly soul, and it is exhibited through her artwork.

Ms. Ladd has knitted many different specimens for us; she’s always surprising us with something new! From colorful shawls and beach bags, to super soft scarfs and ear warmers, we’re prepared for Florida’s oncoming, unpredictable winter of not knowing whether we want to go to the beach or snuggle up in something cozy!

Lisa loves to try keep trying new things, and keep moving forward. So, come on by the store to see what’s new in Lisa Ladd’s showcasing of wonderful knitted-wear while supporting a lovely local survivor AND your favorite Thrift Shop and Boutique!

Here, we have Lisa surrounded by just a small sample of her creations, along with myself modeling a few of them! Don’t they all just look so great??

See you soon, and don’t forget to follow our blog!! ———->

Love always,



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